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News, insights and thinking from the Cameron & Wilding team.

Scaling Migrate module for high volume, high complexity migrations

Migration in Drupal 7We recently worked on large scale migration which through up some very interesting challenges. Early iterations indicated that a full migration would take 5 months, we were able to get it down to Read more →

The great internet filtering debate

The debate over online pornography and calls for increased online policing or censorship are never far from the media spotlight. Earlier in the year David Cameron announced in a speech to the NSPCC that newly Read more →

Release management at Cameron & Wilding

In our company we use agile methodology to deal with everyday things as well as projects. It seems to be just the right way to do it - not because of the rules of agile but rather the flexibility the way we can adopt Read more →

Testing large data migrations in Drupal

In this post I'll share a couple of techniques I've used for testing large amounts of data migrated into Drupal. We'll look at a quick, dirty and dangerous way to start off with and then look at ways this Read more →

Drupal design and frontend development

April sees Frontend United come to London. Frontend United is a yearly conference for designers, frontend developers and Drupal themers to get together, learn and share. Developing best practice, new ideas and Read more →

We helped bring Drupalcamp to London

The strength of Drupal (learn more here) can be found in the incredibly strong community that surrounds it. With thousands of developers all over the world working to create Drupal it is a hugely powerful CMS and we are Read more →

DevOps, Performance, Vagrant, Apache Solr, Beer, and Sausages

Three of us from the Cameron and Wilding team made it over to Drupalcon Munich. Wow. It was quite a week, and we needed a bit of 'processing time' to think about all the things we took away from these few days. Read more →
10 Sep 2012

CiviCRM hooks for adding organisation contacts and multiple select custom fields

We recently worked on a project where we needed to programmatically create a new CiviCRM contact of type Organisation.   When you create a Drupal user, CiviCRM automatically creates an associated contact.  Read more →
05 Sep 2012