2017 Top Technology Trends in the Insurance Industry

In the midst of the current digital transformation era, customers are driving an increasing demand for innovation in every product. Customer led industries, such as Insurance, have realised the importance of embracing digital change in order to address current business challenges.

The insurance industry is currently going through change in order to react to these pressures. However, with a significant amount of IT budget tied up in operational spend, paying to maintain technology that has already been purchased, there is only minimal budget left for the IT department to use to drive new innovative projects. Due to the lack of investment a significant amount of these projects fail. Indicating there is a need to be effectively innovative and embrace new technologies.

So, what are the top technology trends for 2017 that are disrupting the traditional insurance model? And how can you embrace these new technologies in order to meet the expectations of your customers? Our sector specialists at Cameron & Wilding have identified and generated technical knowledge and information on the technologies that you should be looking at implementing in order to achieve your business goals. 

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